36 products to help you revive all the currently useless items in your home

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Digital Products 27. And about machine cleaning, which is my specialty. Dryer vent cleaning kit and brushRinse out all the lint that has accumulated inside the dryer. By the way, it’s a serious fire hazard! Once excess lint is removed, you may notice that your clothes dry faster=lower energy bills.

Oh, you could have a professional do this for you, but it’s a super easy DIY so you’ll save more money. Make sure you have enough rods to fully extend the dryer vent in one direction to completely remove buildup (see below for options). By the way, some reviewers recommend using duct or electrical tape to further secure the rod.

Promising reviews: “We purchased a 16-year-old home from the original owners, who are great people but weren’t known for regular maintenance. The dryer that came with the house took two 40-minute cycles to dry the towels. I followed the instructions, cleaning about 3 feet at a time, pulling out the assembly and adding two more shaft sections, and repeating until the brush reached the roof vent. In the end, about half of the lint in the shopping bag came out of the ventilation tube. Working time is 20 minutes and drying time has been cut in half. It’s worth every penny and effort. ”hilib

Get it from Amazon: Reach 15 feet. $14.99or at a range of 40 feet $34.95.

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