150+ best art names for an Instagram account for your business


Instagram has billions of users, and such an audience is pivotal for anyone looking for an online platform to sell their business and talent. So, if you make or sell art, consider advertising your work on Instagram. Choose a unique art name for your Instagram business account to establish your brand, grow your audience, and make your work stand out. Discover below some of the best art names for an Instagram account for your business.

Choose a unique art name for your Instagram business account to make your work stand out. Photo: Hill Street Studios. Photo: pexels.com, @Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz (modified by author)
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This article will help you find cool art names for an Instagram account. Instagram attracts art lovers, but only sellers who know how to build their brand’s identity and market it on the platform attract big audiences and serious buyers.

Cool art names for an Instagram account for art business

Very few people would search for an art business whose name isn’t outstanding on Instagram. Hence, businesses are advised to use creative IG usernames to capture prospective clients’ interest. Below are some of the best art names for an Instagram business account:

  • Arts & Acts
  • Art in Motion
  • Art Monkey
  • Art-of-the-Day
  • ArtsyWishes
  • ArtyTrails
  • AscottStroke
  • Beauty & Inks
  • Black Crow Gallery
  • Blue Bird Arts
  • Color Portrait
  • Color Secrets
  • Cornerstone Designers
  • Creative Displays
  • Creative Imagery
  • Crescent Crew
  • Digital Artist
  • Dust the Scenes
  • Exclusive Designs
  • Fairy Fresh
  • Fancy Pencils
  • Fashion Art
  • Feel Paintastic
  • Get Creative!
  • Gerald Bland
  • Grey Impress
  • Heartfelt Art
  • Hot Art
  • Hyper Creative
  • Impact Form
  • Old Age Crafts
  • Path of Art
  • Real and Tangible Arts
  • Skill Note Blog
  • Soft Toys
  • Straight Up Arts
  • Suit and Artist Inc
  • Studio Sculpture
  • The Amorist Artist
  • The Art Cart
  • The Art Shack
  • The Art Mart
  • The journal of charcoal
  • The Love Gallery
  • The Painted Canvas
  • The Philocalist artist (philocalist – a beauty lover)
  • The Plastic Sculptor
  • The Starry Shades
  • Theme Redraft
  • The Thrilling Arts
  • The Starry hues
  • The Vad Art (vad – wild, free)
  • The Visionaries
  • The world of colors
  • True Artistes

Unique name for art page on Instagram

Choose a straightforward Instagram name that is easy to memorize. Photo: pexels.com, @Taryn Elliott (modified by author)
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A unique and easily memorable IG username makes it easier for clients to remember and search your account. So, choose a straightforward name that is easy to memorize. Below are some awesome artist name ideas:

  • 5th Dimension Arts
  • Amazing Art TV
  • Big Splash
  • Buddhism & the Arts
  • Captivating Canvases
  • Carved Beautifully
  • Craft Sheet Updates
  • Color Moon Art
  • Contemporary Sections
  • Contemporary Creations & Magic
  • Empowering the Creative Spirit
  • From Pencil to Paper
  • Hanging Arts
  • Happy Arts
  • Impressing Gallery
  • Inside the Studio
  • Limitless ArtGallery
  • Mashed Clay & Inks
  • Medieval Gear Designs
  • Mystical Creations
  • Nanaimo Art Studio
  • No Excuses Art
  • Nouvelle-Mditerrane Design
  • Otherworldly Art
  • Paper Mark Blog
  • Pencil & Paper Creations
  • Perfect Art Escape
  • Photo Agenda
  • Popular Artistic Production
  • Retro Fit
  • Reverse The Way
  • Shinning Stones
  • Sky of colors
  • Spilt colors
  • Spiral Notebook
  • Splash Center
  • State-of-the-Art
  • Stimulating Sculptures
  • Symphonic art
  • The Art of Design Studio
  • The Art Shack
  • The Beautiful Works
  • The Classical Invention Designs
  • The Dandelion Creative
  • The Egyptian Arts
  • The Highest Expertise Works
  • The Lioness in the Wilderness
  • The Native Garfunkel
  • The Religious Technique Works
  • The Studio Artisan
  • Upstart Art
  • Upstart Art
  • Urban Dust
  • Wood Works
  • Work Pad Blog

Short aesthetic art usernames for Instagram

Choose an IG name that makes an extraordinary first impression on your target audience. Photo: pexels.com, @SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS (modified by author)
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Your Instagram business name makes the first impression on anyone who visits your page. Therefore, using short and aesthetic art account names for Instagram is important. You can choose an artist name for Instagram from this list:

  • About the Artist
  • ArtCave
  • Artful Dreamz
  • Art Lover
  • Artmonkeys
  • Art Possessions
  • Art Prints
  • ArtSpace
  • Arts on Canvas
  • Artville Fairytoons
  • Baroque Arts
  • Ceramic Clause
  • Ceramic Starts
  • ClassArt
  • Coveted Art
  • Daily Quest Blog
  • Design Review
  • Difficult Nature
  • Doodle Mark
  • Elegante Art
  • Pencil-Maniacs
  • Fashion Voice
  • Favorite Stills
  • Fine Painting
  • Fun Papers
  • Evolu-Dome
  • Gift Circular
  • Greek Drawings
  • Green Pages
  • Honor Notes
  • Ikibu Studio
  • Inked by Violetta
  • Inno Art
  • Invention Works
  • Jewel Review
  • Journal Guide
  • Journal Tutorial
  • Lifework Log
  • LuxArt
  • Memory Book
  • Mug Hearts
  • Musical Rules
  • My Arty Heart
  • Paintings and Pics
  • Paint Project
  • Poetic Craft
  • Proud Art
  • Tasteful Art
  • The Art Lord
  • The Blessed Tip
  • Sketchbox Studios
  • State Rules
  • Sugar Bonsai
  • Vincent de Ver
  • Western Type

Artsy aesthetic usernames for Instagram

To stand out on Instagram, where there are millions of competitors, develop a unique name for your profile. Photo: pexels.com, @隔壁光头老王 WangMing’Photo (modified by author)
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Look for something meaningful when naming your Instagram art account because the name will be part of your business’ identity forever. Take a look at the following cute names for an art page on Instagram:

  • Acclimate Artists
  • A Hundred Hues
  • Alluring art
  • Art Amour
  • Art Advance
  • Art and Soul
  • Art Connection
  • Art Journal by (your name)
  • Art in Aurora
  • Art in Felicity (happiness)
  • Art in Symphony
  • Artistic Affair
  • Artistic Epiphany
  • Artistic Escape
  • Artistic Paints
  • Artists Alike
  • Art Unlimited
  • Bloom in paint
  • Canvases by (your name)
  • Charcoal on Charts
  • Color Art
  • Cosmogyral charcoal
  • Creative Dream
  • Custom Express
  • Drawing Dudes
  • Decorative Art
  • Delight Art Studio
  • Elysian art
  • Entrancing Easel
  • Euphoric Art
  • Five Senses Art
  • For the Love of Art
  • From the Heart of Art
  • Hands in Charcoal
  • Hundred shades of (your name)
  • Inside Joy
  • Inspire Studios
  • Itsy Bitsy Artsy
  • Lettering down the universe
  • Living Art
  • Metal Edge Creations
  • Mindful Artist
  • More Inks
  • Necessary Arts
  • One-Of-A-Kind Arts
  • Oodles of creativity
  • Oyye Arts
  • Painting Down the Cosmos
  • Paint Splashes by (your name)
  • Phantom Arts
  • Pretty Hand
  • Primitive Creations
  • Reflective Essence
  • Restart Art
  • Slice of Life Paintings

Beautiful username for an art page for business

Stand out on IG using an exquisite brand name. Photo: pexels.com, @Tima Miroshnichenko (modified by author)
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Stand out using an exquisite brand name that distinguishes you from your competitors. Clients may never view your Instagram account, even if your art is cute and different, if your username is not captivating. Some of these Instagram account names can make you look different and attract more customers:

  • Art & Ink
  • ArtClap
  • Artistic Creation
  • Artistic Lounge
  • Art Management Abstract
  • ArtOutDoctor
  • ArtSmart Ink
  • ArtTreat Art
  • ArtyScales
  • Astro Fine Art
  • Azan Enterprises
  • BrainArts
  • BrightArtMate
  • Brilliant with Brushes
  • Claude Monet
  • Color Floyds
  • CraftyKlip Fine Art
  • CraftValley
  • Creative University
  • Creative Venture
  • Difficult Artistes
  • Difficult Arthur
  • Dusty Modern
  • Eccentric Arts
  • Fine Art Spot
  • Fusion Mint Art Gallery
  • Gentle StateArt
  • GoSprint
  • Great Image
  • Happy Art & Ink
  • Hexabeat Art
  • Highest Design
  • Integra Fine Art
  • MadMix Art
  • Magic Ink
  • Make it Unique
  • Masmix Fine Art
  • Mystical Art Shop
  • Painting for the Future
  • Power Design Art
  • Primitive Drawings
  • The Conceptual Rules
  • The Medieval Vol
  • Trempee FineArt
  • SilverMing Art Gallery
  • Singing Stone
  • Stirring Sculptures
  • Straight Ray
  • Studio Art
  • Superb Art Minds
  • SuperCrew Fine Art
  • Red Frebb Fine Art
  • Renaissance Buddies
  • UrbanGallery
  • VividStroke
  • Wizard Art Time
Your Instagram username can be up to 30 characters long. Photo: pexels.com, @Andrea Piacquadio (modified by author)
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What’s a good artist name?

A good Instagram name for an artist should be simple to spell and pronounce and should reflect your content and personality so that it defines your artist.

How do you choose an art username?

An artist should pick an Instagram name that fans can spell, pronounce, and find on search engines. Also, let the name match the content you will share on the page.

How do you come up with a creative artist name?

Your Instagram username can be up to 30 characters long and can include letters, numbers, underscores, and periods. It can’t include other punctuation marks, symbols, or emojis. If the username you want is taken, add numbers, underscores, and periods in the middle.

How do you get a special username on Instagram?

Get a special username for Instagram using an online name-generating website. Add a few words that describe you or your business, and the website’s artificial intelligence will take it from there. Once you’ve settled on a name from the list, the website will display it. Head to Instagram and register or change your username.

How long does it take for an Instagram username to change?

Your username changes immediately if it is available, and your followers may be notified. However, if your account reaches many people, your username change may need to be reviewed. You’ll be informed when the review is complete. After changing your Instagram username twice, Instagram requires you to wait 14 days before you change it again.

What is the difference between a username and a name on Instagram?

Your Instagram account username or handle appears when another Instagram user tries to tag you on a post, while your Instagram account name appears on top of your profile. Your handle is your unique identifier; no other account can claim it. On the other hand, multiple accounts can share an Instagram name.

What is an Instagram handle?

An Instagram username or handle is your Instagram account username, starting with an @ symbol (e.g., @artsunilmited).

If you have been looking for cool art names for an Instagram account for your business, then the ones mentioned above are perfect. Make your business account easily noticeable and unique for clients to remember it from the first interaction. Your Instagram business name must represent your business correctly.

Tuko.co.ke listed Instagram names for girls that are cool and classy. Some people devise IG usernames that are distinct from their real names to protect their privacy.

Others invent unique usernames because they want their accounts to stand out. Whatever your reason, pick a stylish, classy, and cute name. It is all about being creative and choosing something that represents your personality.

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