Supporting Veterans with Franchises, Employment, and Care Services

By aligning its values with those of the veteran community, the non-medical home care franchise continues to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who have served.

Griswold, one of the country’s top home care companies, providing professional, compassionate caregivers 24/7, has a long-standing tradition of supporting the veteran community. With over 170 locations across the U.S., Griswold is dedicated to serving others, a value that closely aligns with the culture and principles of veterans. From providing care to veteran clients to employing veteran caregivers and welcoming veteran franchisees, Griswold is committed to giving back to those who have served.

“We are committed to hiring veterans who want to be part of our organization,” said Griswold Chief Operating Officer Steven Turner. “They are outstanding humans with a great work ethic.”

Supporting Veteran Franchise Owners

Griswold’s franchise model is a perfect fit for veterans, providing a structured and supportive environment that mirrors military life. Over the years, Griswold has welcomed many veteran entrepreneurs into its system, providing a clear path to entrepreneurship for those transitioning out of the military and looking to enter the private sector as business owners.  

Nolan Chandler, a Griswold franchisee in Temecula, California, shared his journey from the Marine Corps to franchise ownership. “I went to law school from 2014 to 2017 and joined the Marine Corps as an attorney in 2019,” he said. “After serving for four years, I wanted to continue my entrepreneurial spirit in civilian life. I chose Griswold because it aligned with my goals and background. The franchise provides the systems, game plan, and processes needed for a running start.”

Chandler emphasized the importance of structure in both military and franchise life. ‘In the military, we are very order-driven,” he said. “The structured nature of a franchise is something veterans are used to. It’s just another day.”

Wendy and Dave Perry, franchisees in Roseville, California, also found Griswold to be an excellent fit for their post-military careers. 

“I am an Army veteran,” said Dave. “A lot of the home care franchises are pretty friendly to veteran franchisees, but Griswold definitely stuck out. They offered us a discount on the franchise fee and proved to me that they were pro-veteran and doing what they could to help veterans own businesses.”

Griswold is a 5-star member of VetFran, an organization dedicated to educating and facilitating the transition of veterans into franchising. The company also offers a 20% discount on its initial franchise fee for any veteran joining Griswold. 

“Our start-up process for new owners is very process-oriented, which works well with military people,” said Turner. “Everything we do is down to a science, making it easy for veterans to walk through the process. Our owners are locally owned but nationally supported, so it’s about giving back while also running a great business and making money.”

Employing Veteran Caregivers

In addition to veteran franchise owners, Griswold also encourages, and seeks out connections with, veteran caregivers, as well as active service members who are looking for part-time work. 

“I aim to employ other veterans because I know transitioning out of the military can be difficult,” said Chandler. “Before franchising, I was looking for an attorney position but had a very difficult time finding employment. I thought I would have a better shot getting a job, but that was not the case. I know that veterans coming off active duty can struggle to find a job, so if I can help out in any way, that’s great.”

The Perrys echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the responsibility and care required in the caregiving profession. “When you are a caregiver, you are caring for another individual’s life. It’s one of the highest responsibilities,” Dave said. “Veterans have the discipline and reliability needed for this role, making them exceptional caregivers.” 

Serving Veteran Clients

Griswold’s commitment to veterans extends to its clients as well. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more seniors are choosing to age in place. According to a 2022 AARP survey, 77% of adults 50 and older want to remain in their homes for the long term. Without the astronomical costs of assisted living facilities and nursing homes, home health provides seniors with the ability to live in the comfort and security of their homes with the assistance they need. And considering nearly one-half (49%) of all veterans in the U.S. are 65 years or older, this need is especially crucial among the military community.

“When you join the military, it’s often because you want to give back,” Turner said. “One of the reasons people join Griswold is also to give back. Home care is a local business, and Griswold was designed to help people in their community.”

Franchisees also have all the resources they need to provide this essential service. The Griswold team offers ongoing support and rolls out initiatives and programs to help optimize revenue. 

Griswold also collaborates with veteran organizations like the VA and the VFW to ensure veterans receive the care they need. Franchisees also have support in becoming credentialed to provide VA-funded services if applicable to their local market.

“We had a client whose mother was 96 and had recently lost her WWII veteran husband,” Wendy said. “She had no idea about her VA benefits and was so excited when we informed her. It’s rewarding to help veterans access the resources they deserve.”

A Great Franchise Fit for Veterans

Overall, Griswold’s mission-driven purpose, process-oriented start-up, and dedication to giving back make it an ideal franchise for veterans. The company’s support for veteran franchisees, caregivers, and clients creates a strong community of like-minded individuals dedicated to serving others.

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Supporting Veterans with Franchises, Employment, and Care Services:

By aligning its values with those of the veteran community, the non-medical home care franchise cont…