Reason Behind Sudden Fall in Sales of E-Book

In today’s era of digitalization, when everyone is buying subscriptions for online content, physical books are giving hard competition to e-books.

Technology is good, but sometimes people are interested in old-fashioned artifacts. And, reading physical books is one of them. This is boosting the publishing industry. Let’s find out more on what is the current growth of hard books and what makes them more appealing to readers than e-books!

The market for printable books is growing

American Booksellers Association (ABA) – a non-profit trade organization, reported that the number of its members has been increasing for the last nine years. It means more bookstores are opening across the country to sell physical books in various genres. Moreover, ABA claimed that sales at the bookstores have also risen since 2017. So, from the facts of ABA, we can say that there is a real demand for physical books over digital books.

Growth of physical books

According to findings of a paper, the digitization of a number of books helps in increasing the sales of physical books by up to 8%. It is by improving the demand for best reads through online searches. It was also found that the sales are stronger for less popular physical books.

It is estimated that the market of physical books can generate revenue of US$69.44bn in 2024. Also, between 2024 and 2029, the market is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.37%. This can bring the physical books market volume to US$70.75bn by 2029.

Why printed books remain popular

Paper books provide a tactile and sensory experience which is not possible with digital books. Overall look and feel of physical books make reading more fun, informative, and immersive.

Moreover, reading physical books for long hours doesn’t have an impact on your eyes. But, reading e-books for longer hours can put a strain on your eyes and affect your eyesight too. Also, friends and relatives can exchange paper books to read new stories, biographies, etc. every time. On the other hand, digital books can only be read by one login account and many times we don’t share logins with others.

Also, reading printed books requires no charging and saves electricity. It also requires no internet, and you can read them any time without any hindrance.

All in all, readers are showing interest in reading physical books. Also there are people who love to create a home library or a rack full of books which is not possible with e-books. But, if you enjoy reading e-books, then you should invest in high-quality e-readers so that they do not put stress on your eyes. Check the entire collection of e-readers on our online store!

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Reason Behind Sudden Fall in Sales of E-Book #Reason #Sudden #Fall #Sales #EBook

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Reason Behind Sudden Fall in Sales of E-Book:

In today’s era of digitalization, when everyone is buying subscriptions for online content, physical…