Nika King of ‘Euphoria’ and First Lady Donna Martin discuss ‘Sound of Hope’ film

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Nika King as First Lady Donna Martin in ‘The Sound of Hope.’ Photo Courtesy of Angel Studios

Actress Nika King of “Euphoria” and First Lady Donna Martin discuss the new film “Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot.”

On July 4th, Angel Studios will release a this new film, which tells the story of Bishop and First Lady Donna Martin living in the town of Possum Trot in East Texas.

It is based on a true story; it follows how the couple, along with 22 families, adopted 77 of the most difficult to place children in their town’s local foster care system and ignited a movement to protect vulnerable children that continues today.

Nika King on her experience filming this movie

“The experience was great,” King exclaimed. “I got to portray First Lady Donna Martin, who is a beautiful woman of God, and I got to tell this amazing story. Her words were so powerful and impactful, they were like a sermon.”

“I not only get to act, but I get to be a person,” King noted. “I didn’t only get to say words on a page, but I got to embody the essence of how we are supposed to move in this world as believers. We say we believe in God, and that we will follow him wherever we go but sometimes that path takes us a different way.”

“I was happy to be a part of this film, and I happy to have a forever relationship with this woman, First Lady Donna Martin,” King said.

First Lady Donna Martin on Nika King portraying her in the movie

On having Nika King portray the first lady, First Lady Donna Martin responded, “I thought it was me. I thought that they made me up and made me look like somebody else. She was the new clone… Nika was just surreal.”

First Lady Donna Martin continued, “It was wonderful, and I will forever be grateful for Nika being so yielding and accepting… this woman was chosen before the foundation of the world to become this role! Nika became the essence of Donna Martin.”

Lessons learned from this screenplay

“This taught me that I can do all things through Christ,” King said. “I had to sing in this movie, I had to pray in this film, and prayer is usually an intimate thing. I am praying in my closet, and I am praying in my home. I had to pray on set in front of people so that involved a level of vulnerability that I wasn’t ready for.”

“This experience definitely transformed me not only as an actor but as a person as well,” King observed.

“We hope this movie inspires people to do something about the foster care crisis,” First Lady Donna Martin acknowledged. “Be a part of the solution and not the problem,” both ladies concurred.

The digital age

On being a part of the digital age, King said, “Social media is definitely helping put the film out there with trailers, doing different interviews, and linking up with different influencers.”

“I am just hoping that everyone has their phone in their hand, and they are looking and saying, ‘we want to see this film on July 4th,’ and hopefully, they become a part of the movement to end the foster care crisis. We hope people come and see it, buy a ticket, and pay it forward,” King elaborated.


Regarding her definition of the word success, First Lady Donna Martin said, “Success means that we have an end to the crisis that we are in now, where children all over the world will know and have the touch of Jesus Christ, and family.”

“Success is making happy kids having happy lives,” King concluded.

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For more information on “Sound of Hope” film, visit its Instagram page.

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“Actress Nika King of “Euphoria” and First Lady Donna Martin discuss the new film “Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot.” The post Nika King of ‘Euphoria’ and First…”

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