Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing Trends eBook

Discover the latest insights in monoclonal antibody production with this exclusive eBook: “Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing Trends.” Published by Cell Culture Dish, this eBook delves into the current landscape of monoclonal antibody production, highlighting innovative solutions and industry perspectives.

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Explore the challenges encountered in bioprocessing and learn how the HaLCon Analyzer offers real-time titer measurements, addressing bottlenecks in the production process. Gain valuable insights into how real-time monitoring can streamline bioprocessing, leading to heightened efficiency and reduced costs.

Industry experts will also share their perspectives on the significance of real-time titer measurement and monitoring, showcasing its transformative impact on bioproduction. Discover how advanced analytics drive innovation and enhance outcomes within the biopharmaceutical industry.

Stay tuned for the soon-to-be-released accompanying podcast, offering additional perspectives and discussions on this topic. Additionally, download the infographic comparing the HaLCon Analyzer to traditional methods, providing a convenient reference for maximizing bioprocessing efficiency.

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About RedShiftBio


RedShiftBio has developed a proprietary purpose-built liquid chromatography analytical platform, HaLCon, offering the fastest, simplest solution for protein titer measurements during bioproduction.

Accurate and reliable measurement of antibody concentration during process development and manufacturing is essential. While HPLC sets the standard for accuracy and dynamic range in the bioprocessing realm, the turnaround for results can be 24 hours or more, creating costly hold times and bottlenecks, and eliminating the ability to make real-time decisions. Designed to integrate directly into your bioprocessing suite, HaLCon provides real-time HPLC-level data quality with minimal training and without disrupting existing workflows or equipment. When used with an automated sampling system, measurements can be obtained with a few button clicks to deliver actionable data points so you don’t have to wait for critical results.

Led by an experienced management team with a proven track record of success in both large instrumentation companies and commercializing disruptive technologies, RedShiftBio is here to support your research, development, and manufacturing goals.  Our instruments can be found in the majority of the leading biopharmaceutical companies and CDMOs in the world.  We also run product demonstrations and process samples in the StructIR Lab, located in our Boxborough, MA headquarters, as well as at partner sites including the Wood Centre in Oxford, UK, Spectralys/UCB in Brussels, Belgium, and at Sciex laboratories in Redwood Shores, CA.

RedShiftBio is backed by Waters Corporation, Illumina Ventures, Technology Venture Partners, and one undisclosed leading life science company.

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Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing Trends eBook:

Discover the latest insights in monoclonal antibody production with this exclusive eBook: “Monoclon…