Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Euphoria’ sets Toronto Chinese restaurant on fire


What is beef? Beef comes into play when offering business to a Chinese restaurant in Toronto to piss off an enemy.

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When I said beef, I didn’t mean ordering beef and broccoli, but here it is.

according tocity ​​news,kendrick lamar‘s “Euphoria” dramatically increased sales at a Chinese restaurant in Toronto. In the song, Lamar raps, “I’m at New Ho King eating fried rice with dipping sauce and some goddamn crody.” Creating the Keith Lee effect To spots in Canada. Johnny Lu, owner of New Ho King, spoke to the press about the sudden turnaround in business.

“I’m currently learning how to sing this song!” Lu said. “A bunch of people texted me this morning saying, ‘Is that your restaurant?’ I say, ‘Yes.’ “They say, ‘Look at that song,'” he began. “He said something good. food And fried rice – more fried rice, the chef will be busy! …Kendricks is a good guy, dammit! ”

This criticism was retracted on Tuesday (April 30), and as of Thursday (May 2), New Ho King had received hundreds of five-star reviews, most of which were negative. Mention K. Dot or his diss record. “I remember eating fried rice with some conflict, but it was delicious. (I’ve never eaten it, but my goat has),” a gourmet man wrote. “Because it’s 5 stars” Sent by Kendrickfried rice, that’s the way,” another account named OG Larry typed.

It looks like Euphoria has more replay value than critics originally thought. While the song has not boosted the local economy, it has also been criticized for its dual purpose.

recent young masters explained the importance of K. Dot’s diss record. The music engineer called attention to the Richard Pryor and Teddy Pendergrass samples and detailed how they enhance the song’s meaning. Guru began Pryor’s acting career, specifically his role as The Wiz in the film of the same name. He spoke of the song’s opening soundbite in which Pryor says, “Everything they say about me is true.”

“Some of my young people and students[have] never seenWith.If you grew up in a black household, it was compulsory. The dance scene inozThis is unbelievable, but it points out that pop culture is fake. When Wiz changes color, people just follow. “Richard Pryor later admitted that he was a fake and a charlatan,” he explained.

He then explained why Teddy Pendergrass’ “You’re My Last, My Greatest Inference” was sampled on the track. He briefly explained Pendergrass’ situation without revealing much. “Teddy Pendergrass was in a car accident and was paralyzed and had to live in a wheelchair for the rest of his life,” he added.

Guru didn’t take sides and hinted that Kendrick was making the comparison. drake to both of these legends. Like Pryor, Drake is an actor who plays the role with an exaggerated rap persona. Like Pendergrass, Drizzy played a paralyzed character, Jimmy Brooks.degrassi.

As I said earlier, while it revitalizes the economy, it can also be criticized.

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“What is beef? Beef is when you give business to a Chinese restaurant in Toronto to piss off your enemy…”
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