DeepL launches new French and Spanish AI writing assistant to improve business communications

Italian and Portuguese to also be available on DeepL Write before the end of 2024

COLOGNE, Germany, July 10, 2024 /CNW/ — DeepL, a leading global Language AI company, has today unveiled two new languages in its AI writing assistant, DeepL Write. Initially released with support for English and German, Write now offers Spanish and French—bolstering its service with two more lingua francas critical to global business. The addition of Spanish and French is an exciting opportunity for global businesses to elevate their teams’ writing and communication—remaining consistent and on-brand, all while retaining their unique voice in the marketplace.

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“We hear time and time again that clear and effective written communication can be a problem for our customers in business, even in their native language, which was the impetus for DeepL Write. Businesses globally, including those in French- and Spanish-speaking countries, are realizing the importance of not only translating copy, but also having well-articulated text when communicating with their local customers, which is where Write comes into play. We even heard of users translating copy into a random language and translating it back to get the improved nuance from DeepL Translate, which was our lightbulb moment when developing DeepL Write ” says Jarek Kutylowski, DeepL’s founder and CEO.

According to industry research, bad writing costs businesses billions of dollars annually. A recent Forbes survey of 1,000 US office workers found that poor communication negatively affected productivity of 49% of respondents, along with job satisfaction (50%) and stress level (42%).

DeepL Write Pro is purpose-built to solve this challenge for global businesses, leveraging in-house large language models (LLMs) to enable users to communicate more effectively in the written form through edit suggestions that improve text quality. Powered by the same proprietary architecture of the company’s flagship product, DeepL Translator, Write can detect linguistic nuance, context, and writing style in real-time, offering suggestions on word choice, phrasing, and grammar as the user writes. This enables users to better articulate in “simple, business, academic or casual” styles. All in all, users are able to more effectively communicate, which will have a positive impact on overall business relationships, both internally with colleagues and externally.

DeepL Write Pro’s strength lies in its ability to give writers a sophisticated boost in their communication, regardless of language proficiency—empowering them to find the perfect words for any situation or audience. DeepL also offers advanced, enterprise-grade security features, including TLS encryption and text deletion for maximum data security.

“Furthermore, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be adding Portuguese and Italian to DeepL Write Pro before the end of 2024. Making our writing solution available to our customers in Brazil, Portugal and Italy, will enable them to take their written communications to the next level both internally and externally” Kutylowski added.

Since its inception in 2017, DeepL has become the Language AI provider of choice for businesses across multiple industries including manufacturing, legal, retail, healthcare, technology, and professional services. The company’s specialized Language AI platform has become a critical investment for global businesses today, addressing a variety of communication challenges ranging from internal communications to customer support and international market expansion. Unlike general-purpose AI systems, DeepL’s cutting-edge translation and writing solutions rely on specialized AI models specifically tuned for language, resulting in more precise translations for a variety of use cases and a reduced risk of hallucinations and misinformation.

To learn more about how DeepL Write Pro empowers businesses to level up their communication in English, German, French, and Spanish—try DeepL Write Pro today.

The addition of new languages to DeepL Write comes off the back of the announcement of a new funding round and a valuation at 2 billion USD for DeepL, as well as the integration of in-house LLMs on its translator, and its selection to the Forbes AI 50 list of the world’s most innovative tech companies.

About DeepL

DeepL is on a mission to break down language barriers for businesses everywhere. Over 100,000 businesses and governments and millions of individuals in 228 global markets trust DeepL’s Language AI platform for human-like translation and better writing. Designed with enterprise security in mind, companies around the world leverage DeepL’s AI solutions that are specifically tuned for language to transform business communications, expand markets, and improve productivity. Founded in 2017 by CEO Jaroslaw (Jarek) Kutylowski, DeepL today has over 900 passionate employees and is supported by world-renowned investors including Benchmark, IVP, and Index Ventures.


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DeepL launches new French and Spanish AI writing assistant to improve business communications:

Italian and Portuguese to also be available on DeepL Write before the end of 2024 COLOGNE, Germany, …