Bosch eBike Systems expands digital offerings for eBike manufacturers

eBike Flow app as offered by Bosch or customised

The eBike Flow app is at the heart of the smart system and is offered together with the Bosch eBike system. eBike manufacturers can choose whether the app is displayed to their customers as a standard version or as a customised brand variant. Thanks to the digital services of Bosch eBike Systems, it is now possible to prominently place own-brand content there. Gregor Dasbach, Head of Digital Business at Bosch eBike Systems, explains: “Many manufacturers want to provide their customers with customised, brand-specific offers and interact directly with users. Our digital services offer various options that can be used to display specific content. Information on the respective connected eBike model can also be stored there.”

What does the customised Flow app include? Design elements can be used to modify the user interface of the app and thus integrate the manufacturer’s own brand. Images or videos – with branding, manufacturers can bring the user experience to life for end customers in a variety of ways. With the Content Card, they can create their own content with little effort and communicate directly with their customers, who then receive customised content.

Other services available in both the standard version and the customised eBike Flow app include the eBike Specs, i.e. the exact specifications of the bike, and also the digital operating instructions (eBike Manuals), which can be viewed via the Help Center. The services help eBike manufacturers to increase the visibility of their own brand and enhance customer loyalty. End users have all relevant data on their eBikes clearly stored in the eBike Flow app.

Construction kit for digital applications from eBike manufacturers

With the eBike SDK (Software Development Kit) and Cloud APIs (Application Programming Interface), Bosch eBike Systems provides manufacturers with digital tools that they can use to create their own apps and broaden their digital footprint. They also generate real added value for users thanks to the eBike data available from Bosch. This is made possible with the eBike SDK, which allows manufacturers to read out data such as speed or range thanks to the intelligence of the smart system (LED Remote, System Controller) and integrate it into their apps. The development tools it contains, such as the eBike simulator app for macOS, are also useful for manufacturers. Developers can use this to simulate eBike values such as speed, cadence and motor power, without having to physically ride an eBike. This allows them to work efficiently with the data. Using Cloud APIs, manufacturers can access Bosch data sets and integrate them into their own mobile apps. This provides them with valuable information, such as eBike profiles or rider activities, which they can use in their own app and make available to end customers. In technical terms, Cloud APIs are the interfaces that allow data to flow between Bosch hardware, such as the ConnectModule (BCM) and the DiagnosticTool, or Bosch software, such as the eBike Flow app, and eBike manufacturers’ own applications.

What does this mean in practice? eBike master data and usage-related data, for example, can be called up in the “eBike profiles” data set. This allows manufacturers to integrate bike profiles, maintenance, etc. into their own app. A further option is the “Activity Records” data set, which can be used to call up detailed rider activities. eBike manufacturers, for instance, receive a variety of information relating to rider activities, such as location or battery status, for their own mobile app via Cloud APIs. Both the eBike SDK and the data sets that can be accessed via the Cloud APIs and are being successively developed further to offer manufacturers a wide range of digital options – always in the interests of the optimum eBike experience.

Prepared for the eBike experience of tomorrow

The smart system transmits eBike data via the eBike Flow app to a digital platform, the Bosch eBike Cloud, provided users give their consent. eBike manufacturers can now access this digital platform and use the corresponding services for the benefit of eBike riders. This allows them to tailor their digital offerings more closely to the needs of end customers, further develop their own solutions and be ready for the eBike experience of tomorrow.

Gregor Dasbach comments: “Our platform offers a wide range of digital services for manufacturers. This also includes solutions from third-party providers. Partnerships with insurance companies are already in place in selected countries. In future, it is conceivable that leasing providers, fleets, cities and aftermarket services can also be integrated. We are looking forward to seeing what potential there will be beyond the bicycle industry in the future.”

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Bosch eBike Systems expands digital offerings for eBike manufacturers:

eBike Flow app as offered by Bosch or customisedThe eBike Flow app is at the heart of the smart sys…