Avoid contract disputes! How to keep a digital copy of your UAE job contract

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Every employee in the UAE is entitled to obtain a copy of the labour contract issued and attested by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Picture used for illustrative purposes.
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Dubai: Need to know when your job contract expires or how many days off you are entitled to? You can easily pull up your employment contract on your phone to review any employment details.

Although every employee in the UAE is entitled to obtain a copy of the labour contract issued and attested by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), you may not always have the physical document at hand.

Fortunately, you can download your job contract online through MOHRE’s website and mobile app for free. By having this saved on your phone or laptop, you can easily access it anytime.

Digital Products Why having a copy of your job contract is helpful

Here are a few reasons why keeping a verified digital copy of your job contract is helpful:

1. Proof of employment terms: It serves as a record of the agreed terms and conditions of your employment, including salary, benefits, work hours, and job responsibilities.

2. Legal protection: In case of disputes or misunderstandings with your employer, your contract provides legal evidence of what was agreed upon.

3. Clarification of rights and obligations: The contract outlines both your rights and obligations as an employee, helping to prevent potential conflicts by clearly setting expectations.

4. Future reference: If you need to review any details about your job or negotiate terms in the future, having the contract is useful.

5. Documentation for financial matters: It can be required for various financial matters, such as applying for loans, a bank account, and in some cases when renting an apartment (if the landlord requires it).

Workers in the UAE are legally entitled to keep a copy of their work contract

The employer shall conclude an employment contract with the worker, according to the agreed work pattern. The contract shall be made in two copies; one copy shall be kept by the employer and the other shall be handed over to the worker, as per the forms specified by the Implementing Regulation hereof.

– Article 8(1) of Federal Decree-Law No.33 of 2021 regarding the regulation of employment.

Digital Products How to check your MOHRE labour contract online

There are two ways to check:
• Through the MOHRE website – www.mohre.gov.ae
• Through the MOHRE app (available for Apple and Android devices).

MOHRE website

1. Visit the official website – mohre.gov.ae and click on ‘Services’ on the menu tab and then select ‘View Approved Contract’.

2. Next, select the option ‘Search by EIDA No’. Enter your Emirates ID number and click on ‘Request One-Time Password (OTP)’. The OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered with your Emirates ID. If you mobile number is not linked with your Emirates ID, click here to find out how you can change it.

3. Enter the OTP and click on ‘View My Contract’.

You will then be able to view your labour contract and save it on your computer.


1. Open the app and login with your UAE Pass. If you do not have an account, click on the sign-up option and provide additional details like your contact details and labour card number.

2. Once you have logged in, tap on ‘My Dashboard’ and scroll down until you see ‘Contract’.

You will be able to view your contract, and also have the option to save it on your phone.

What is included in your work contract?

Your work contract should have the following details:
• The name and address of the employer.
• The name, nationality and date of birth of the worker.
• Proof of his identity, his qualification, the job or occupation.
• The date of work commencement, the workplace.
• The working hours.
• The rest days.
• The probationary period, if any.
• The term of the contract.
• The wage agreed upon including the benefits and allowances.
• The annual leave entitlements.
• The notice period.
• The procedures for terminating the employment contract and any other data determined by the Ministry in order to regulate the relationship between both parties.

Source: Article 10 of Cabinet Resolution No. (1) Of 2022

Digital Products Six types of work contracts in the UAE

If you are working in the UAE, you may have signed any one of the following work contracts, which are based on the work patterns approved by the UAE’s Labour Law:

1. Full time – An employee works for one employer only on a full-time basis.
2. Part time – An employee works for one or more employers for a specific number of hours or days.
3. Temporary work – An employee works on a specific assignment and the contract ends upon its completion.
4. Flexible working – Working hours or days may change depending on the business needs of the employer.
5. Remote work – All or part of the work is performed outside the workplace.
6. Job sharing – The tasks and duties are divided amongst workers as agreed upon, in advance. The rules of a part-time work model apply on the job-sharing contracts.

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“Every employee in the UAE is entitled to obtain a copy of the labour contract issued and attested by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). Picture used for…”

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