24 Hours of Le Mans live results, class winners, standings for 2024 race

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The ultimate test of endurance in motorsports is getting underway in Le Mans, France.

The day-long race is among the most iconic events on the racing calendar, and that should come as no surprise knowing it lasts a full 24 hours. The 92nd running of the race will test cars and drivers alike one year after Ferrari took the overall crown.

There are a few changes this year, with the GTE class transitioning to LMGT3 and several new manufacturers entering cars in the race. The challenge of endurance remains the same, however.

The Sporting News is tracking live results, class winners and standings from the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Follow along with the race below.

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Google News Le Mans 2024 live standings

PlaceCar No.TeamClassLaps
18Toyota Gazoo RacingHypercar86
283AF CorseHypercar86
350Ferrari AF CorseHypercar86
45Porsche Penske MotorsportHypercar86
551Ferrari AF CorseHypercar86
612Hertz Team JOTAHypercar86
76Porsche Penske MotorsportHypercar86
8311Whelan Cadillac RacingHypercar86
938Hertz Team JOTAHypercar86
107Toyota Gazoo RacingHypercar86
1136Alpine Endurance TeamHypercar86
122Cadillac RacingHypercar86
133Cadillac RacingHypercar86
144Porsche Penske MotorsportHypercar85
1515BMW M Team WRTHypercar85
1693Peugeot TotalEnergiesHypercar85
1763Lamborghini Iron LynxHypercar85
1894Peugeot TotalEnergiesHypercar85
1919Lamborghini Iron LynxHypercar85
2011Isotta FraschiniHypercar84
2199Proton CompetitionHypercar82
2210Vector SportLMP282
2337COOL RacingLMP282
2422United AutosportsLMP282
2524Nielsen RacingLMP281
2628IDEC SportLMP281
279Proton CompetitionLMP281
2814AO by TFLMP281
29183AF CorseLMP281
3034Inter Europol CompetitionLMP281
3130Duqueine TeamLMP281
3265Panis RacingLMP279
3333DKR EngineeringLMP278
3425Algarve Pro RacingLMP276
3545Crowdstrike Racing by APRLMP276
3620BMW M Team WRTHypercar76
3792Manthey PureRxcingLMGT376
3846Team WRTLMGT376
3991Manthey EMALMGT376
4055Vista AF CorseLMGT376
4159United AutosportsLMGT376
4270Inception RacingLMGT376
4366JMW MotorsportLMGT376
4427Heart of Racing TeamLMGT375
4586GR RacingLMGT375
4685Iron DamesLMGT375
4731Team WRTLMGT375
48155Spirit of RaceLMGT375
4995United AutosportsLMGT375
5088Proton CompetitionLMGT375
5147COOL RacingLMP275
5281TF SportLMGT375
5387Akkodis ASP TeamLMGT375
5482TF SportLMGT375
5560Iron LynxLMGT375
5678Akkodis ASP TeamLMGT375
57777D’Station RacingLMGT375
5844Proton CompetitionLMGT375
5923United AutosportsLMP258
6077Proton CompetitionLMGT355
6135Alpine Endurance Team*Hypercar38
6247Vista AF Corse*LMGT330

* – Out of race

Google News Le Mans 2024: Class leaders

Live standings for 24 Hours of Le Mans can be found here. Class leaders will be updated below regularly during the race.


PositionCar No.TeamLaps
18Toyota Gazoo Racing86
283AF Corse86
350Ferrari AF Corse86
45Porsche Penske Motorsport86
551Ferrari AF Corse86


PositionCar No.TeamLaps
110Vector Sport82
237COOL Racing82
322United Autosports82
424Nielsen Racing81
528IDEC Sport81


PositionCar No.TeamLaps
192Manthey PureRxcing78
246Team WRT76
391Manthey EMA76
455Vista AF Corse76
559United Autosports76

Google News 24 Hours of Le Mans 2024: Qualifying results

The 62-car field for this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans is divided into three classes: 23 cars in Hypercar, 16 cars in LMP2 and 23 cars in LMGT3.

Here are the starting positions after Thursday’s hyperpole. The list of driver trios for each team can be found here.

PositionCar No.TeamClass
16Porsche Penske MotorsportHypercar
22Cadillac RacingHypercar
33Cadillac RacingHypercar
451Ferrari AF CorseHypercar
550Ferrari AFC CorseHypercar
635Alpine Endurance TeamHypercar
715BMW W Team WRTHypercar
812Hertz Team JotaHypercar
936Alpine Endurance TeamHypercar
105Porsche Penske MotorsportHypercar
118Toyota Gazoo RacingHypercar
1283AF CorseHypercar
1363Lamborghini Iron LynxHypercar
1499Proton CompetitionHypercar
1593Peugeot TotalEnergiesHypercar
1620BMW W Team WRTHypercar
1738Hertz Team JotaHypercar
18311Whelan Cadillac RacingHypercar
194Porsche Penske RacingHypercar
2094Peugeot TotalEnergiesHypercar
2119Lamborghini Iron LynxHypercar
2211Isotta FraschiniHypercar
237Toyota Gazoo RacingHypercar
2414AO by TFLMP2
2528IDEC SportLMP2
2665Panis RacingLMP2
2723United Autosports USALMP2
2822United AutosportsLMP2
2937Cool RacingLMP2
3033DKR EngineeringLMP2
3110Vector SportLMP2
32183AF CorseLMP2
3324Nielsen RacingLMP2
3434Inter Europol CompetitonLMP2
359Proton CompetitionLMP2
3630Duqueine TeamLMP2
3747Cool RacingLMP2
3825Algarve Pro RacingLMP2
3945CrowdStrike Racing by APRLMP2
4025ORT by TFLMGT3
4192Manthey PureRxcingLMGT3
4266JMW MotorsportLMGT3
4377Proton CompetitionLMGT3
4427Heart of Racing TeamLMGT3
45777D’station RacingLMGT3
4682TF SportLMGT3
4760Iron LynxLMGT3
4885Iron DamesLMGT3
4987Akkodis ASP TeamLMGT3
5059United AutosportsLMGT3
5146Team WRTLMGT3
5254Vista AF CorseLMGT3
5344Proton CompetitionLMGT3
5431Team WRTLMGT3
5591Manthey EMALMGT3
5688Proton CompetitionLMGT3
5781TF SportLMGT3
5895United Autosports LMGT3
59155Spirit of RaceLMGT3
6078Akkodis ASP TeamLMGT3
6155Vista AF CorseLMGT3
6286GR RacingLMGT3

Google News How to watch 24 Hours of Le Mans 2024:

  • TV channel: MotorTrend TV
  • Live stream: Max, Sling

This year’s edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans will be broadcast nationally on MotorTrend TV.  Fans without cable can catch all 24 hours of the action live on Max as well as on Sling.

Sling is the home for sports fans, as it offers a wide range of channels. You can always cheer for your favorite teams with channels like ESPN, TBS, TNT, NFL Network, FS1 and more.


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