2016 Honda CBR650F: A last update before listing on the classifieds

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Probably penultimate update to this thread. I had clocked around 3k KM in last 1 year. There were few changes done to the bike since the last update. As the previous exhaust was obnoxiously loud, went ahead with something ‘less noisy’ yet bassy tone. Since headers had to be removed to get the installation done. I had to completely remove the radiator. Took this opportunity to clean the radiator thoroughly which had a lot of dirt stuck between the fins. Flushed the cooling system with distilled water thrice and went ahead with mannol AF12+ coolant which is silicate and phosphate free as recommended by Honda. Last coolant change was done around 2.5 years ago. Also took this opportunity to clean the exhaust tubes with metal polish and cleaned the greasy oil sump and surrounding area. Hands were too messy to take any photos but found some in my phone gallery.

Radiator removed for cleaning the stuck dirt and muck between fins.

As it was peak winter time with most Sundays being given to preventive maintenance of my bikes and scooter. Took the opportunity to change the Brake fluids as well with fresh DOT4 Bosch brake fluid. Last change was also around 2.5 years ago so it was right time for the brake fluid change.

Headlamp LED bulb was also changed as original LED bulb lasted for 4 years before one of its LED started flickering.

Last few months were spent in clocking KMs and trying to complete 30k KMs before I complete my 5th year of ownership.

Till last week I had no intention of selling her off, wanted to retain her and add another bike alongside. However the devil that made me sell of my CBR250R back in 2019 has recently said hi to me again. No matter how I try to shoo him off, The financial impact, the lack of parking space. Same thoughts of 2019 are getting in my mind all over again.

As I had no intention of getting rid of the bike until last week. I had ordered some parts for preventive maintenance. New clutch and throttle cables, new fork seals, bearings, all rubber hoses of radiator and airbox, a lot of O rings, rubber seals etc. etc. List is long.

I am about to take delivery of my next bike soon and was a bit upset that 650 will leave me soon. Decided to change the oil and oil filter since I was nearing 3k KMs on old oil and working on my bike calms my mind.

Log of last 5 oil changes

With a heavy heart. I will be publishing a listing in the classifieds section soon. Don’t know if I’ll regret this. Most probably yes. CBR650F was the most practical middleweight bike in my opinion, with dirt cheap OEM spare parts and easy to work on.

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2016 Honda CBR650F: A last update before listing on the classifieds:

BHPian hgps recently shared this with other enthusiasts.Probably penultimate update to this thread. …